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The Letter that Should Never Be Written,” Brevity Blog

"Katy Perry Is Crooning and Won't Stop Just Because I Did," Brevity

"Make Your Memoir’s “Characters”—Yes, Those Real Ones—More Real to the Reader," Brevity Blog

"Imagine Them Reading Your Book," Brevity Blog

"July 4th in My Hometown," Yellow Springs News

“Life lessons learned from gym class,” Johnson City Press

“A Case, Diagnosis, and Its Findings,” The Rumpus

The person that marriage has made me become,” Johnson City Press

“The unexpected gift of trying something new,” Johnson City Press

“Working a wild shift at the Rotary Wheel,” Johnson City Press

“It’s better to bother,” Johnson City Press

For better or worse, but always for lunch,Johnson City Press

“Writing lines that define who I am,” Change Seven blog

“The Last Kiss,” The Louisville Review

When a literary life takes a turn to fiction," Johnson City Press

An Unexpected Light,” Mud Season Review

“Dog paddling our way to the banks of Goat Island,” Johnson City Press

Working a Wild Shift at the Rotary WheelJohnson City Press

"Strap on your running shoes," Brevity Blog

“At last: A life jacket of my very own,” Johnson City Press

“Brave,” Under the Sun

“Vivid memories of trekking down a scenic trail,” Johnson City Press

"How You Know," Rathalla Review

"Good advice to live by: 'Be open: let life happen,'" Johnson City Press

“Never miss an opportunity to learn from dad,” Johnson City Press

“Dance magic: Love of contra can lead to so much more if you try,” Johnson City Press

“The Dance,” Red Earth Review


“After the Diagnosis,” Qu

“If,” Plainsongs 

"Immigrant," Lunch Ticket

“After She Calls and Says She Wants You Back,” Harbor Review

"Secret Ingredient," Santa Clara Review

"Roots," JuxtaProse Literary Magazine

"Grand Theft," december magazine

"On Sundays," december magazine

"Trouble Can Be So Beautiful at the Beginning," Glass: A Journal of Poetry

"Little Sister," Gabby Journal

"Like Love," New Southern Fugitives

"Hunger," New Southern Fugitives

"This Way Home," wildness

"Aguascalientes, 1919," Cider Press Review

“Some loves,” Queen of Cups

“Designed by fire,” Queen of Cups

“Savior,” Prime Number Magazine

"Cooking," Rust+Moth

“This foreign place,” San Pedro River Review

“Puerto Escondido, Mexico,” Change Seven

“What Mickey wants,” Change Seven

“The day after getting back the medical test results,” Change Seven

“Ride,” Two Cities Review

"Present tense," Label Me Latino/a

“Tormenta de tierra," Naugatuck River Review

“Escape,” Helix Magazine


“Good Enough,” Jabberwock Review

“Trying to Grow,” Platypus Press

"Bag of Boots," New Madrid

"Several States Away," The Maine Review

“Found & Lost,” Flights

“The Snowstorm,” Zone 3

“The Good Mother,” Hawai`i Pacific Review

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