Little Art Theatre Hosted Two-Author Event

On Saturday, July 1, the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs hosted a two-author event, ”From Honorable Mentions to Authors: Shuly Cawood & Denise Jacobs, a Conversation about Life Choices.” The event took place at 1 p.m.

Me and Denise hug onstage.jpg

Both Cawood and Jacobs grew up in Yellow Springs. In this event, they talked about how their childhood influenced their lives and careers, and the journey each of them took to become authors. Both Cawood and Jacobs had a book debuting in June, 2017.

Cawood’s memoir, The Going and Goodbye, is an examination of loss and leaving and the search for meaning in the memories that remain. Tracing a path through rural Ohio, the American south and small towns of Mexico, her stories breathe life into a marriage and its dissolution; find a voice that fears mortality then faces it; explore faith in the face of these losses; and ultimately reveal the power of love and letting go.

The idea for Jacobs’ latest (and fourth) book, Banish Your Inner Critic, came eight years ago, when she battled self-doubt almost every day while working on her first book. As she continued to write and work on that first book, however, she reached what she describes as one of the most blissful states of creative flow that she had ever experienced—and that was because during those hours, her inner critic went completely silent. She threw herself into learning about the creative process, and specifically about how to remove the biggest block to creativity: the Inner Critic. However, there was no single comprehensive source on how to effectively silence the Inner Critic. So she wrote Banish Your Inner Critic to be that handbook.

Cawood and Jacobs both received honorable mention for the Mary Jane Bachtell Memorial Creative Writing Award when they graduated from Yellow Springs High School. Despite not winning the award, they each continued to write throughout their adulthood. 

Sam & Eddie’s Open Books sold The Going and Goodbye and Banish Your Inner Critic during the event and will continue to sell copies of each in the store.

A book-signing followed the program.

You can find out more about Cawood at, and about Jacobs at