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"Even then I was asking whether his love was enough—for marriage? For moving? For all of it. But I realize now I was also asking if mine was." —from The Going and Goodbye

SYNOPSIS— The Going and Goodbye is an examination of loss and leaving and the search for meaning in the memories that remain. Tracing a path through rural Ohio, the American south and small towns of Mexico, these stories breathe life into a marriage and its dissolution; find a voice that fears mortality then faces it; explore faith in the face of these losses; and ultimately reveal the power of love and letting go.


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"This book is a treasure." ~ Dayton Daily News

"This is a brave writer who moves lyrically and fearlessly toward self-knowledge, a writer who is willing to probe the darkness in the chambers of her own heart, not just the hearts of others. . . . This is a voice you can trust with your life." ~ Joyce Dyer, author of Gum-Dipped and Goosetown

"Cawood’s memoir is peppered with flashes of profundity wrapped in astute observations." ~ Latino Book Review

"'The Going and Goodbye' is a gorgeously conceived expedition of a book. . . . If you read a lot of books then you probably know that feeling you can get when you encounter a writer who has written every single word with exquisite care and precision. . . . There are no wasted words here." ~  Yellow Springs News

"She takes the reader on a journey into her heart and although she takes her time, the narrative never lags. . . . It’s a prime example of how talented writers came make the specifics of their life seem universal." ~ Wild Moo Books

"Powerful writing" ~ Library Journal

"In this lovely memoir the narrator, although strongly rooted in a particular place, is always on the move into the unknown. … The lyrical, fluid style immediately invites the reader along for the ride. I read this with great pleasure!" ~ Bobbie Ann Mason, author of In Country

"The writing is beautiful, both spare and lush, and the wisdom to be discovered there is genuine and hard won. The Going and Goodbye is a revelation." ~ Matthew GoodmanNew York Times bestselling author


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