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If you’ve ever wanted to go back in time and talk to your younger self—to give advice, to say what you wish you had known then that you know now, to promise that even when it gets bad, it will get better—then this book is for you.

If you are still young enough that most of life’s lessons stretch ahead in front of you, then save yourself a heap of trouble and read what’s on these pages. 


This book is a must-have for readers who wish to garner the wisdom of a gifted writer who has lived it and learned a lot about life’s journey along the way.” —Dayton Daily News, “Vick’s picks for books that could make great gifts this year,” 11/25/2018

“While this may be a short book, it is not small in content. Each page is dedicated to one of the 52 things and reads like a succinct prose poem exploring and exposing an issue that resonates with the head and the heart.” —Wild Moo Books

“Shuly Xóchitl Cawood opens her new book light-heartedly: with good advice on bangs. It’s not all fun and games though: she also counsels her younger self on more serious topics— love and faith and health and remembering that patience is sometimes required.”  —Courtney LeBlanc, author of The Violence Within 

Here are three more things to tell yourself at any age: 1. This book belongs in the hands of everyone turning 17—or even 57! You won’t find a better birthday gift. 2. Even if you don’t read it until you’re 57, it will still bring you tears, solace, and wisdom. 3. Here is a writer to follow closely: the beauty, delight and humor that emanates from her work will stay with you for a very long time.”  —Carla Sameth, author of One Day on the Gold Line: A Memoir

Beautifully written.” —Goodreads reviewer

“This is a sweet little book chock-ful-o nuggets of wisdom gleaned from a life of learning. Some nuggets are funny, some poignant, some painful, but always well written and illuminating.” —Amazon reviewer 

“Once again, Shuly Cawood has written a book that I read from start to finish without putting it down. This is very different from her beautiful memoir, but a perfect inspiring read. And a great gift for any woman, especially from 17 to 52—and beyond. I found myself alternatively laughing and sobbing, and both were a relief. I wish that I HAD TOLD MYSELF these 52 things when I was 17. Life might have been a little less stressful. It is almost impossible to choose my favorite; read to the end before you decide. Perfection.” —Amazon reviewer

Beautifully wise words” —Amazon reviewer

“As funny as it is wise, this slim book contains so much heart, courage, universality and truth. It made me smile, laugh and cry with recognition, and I can't wait to share it with others -- young, old and everyone in between.” —Amazon reviewer

“This book is such a delight! Shuly brilliantly weaves poetry, advice, humor, and the heartwarming moments in life together to jog our memories, make us laugh, and even gain some wisdom. I found myself saying outloud ‘yes!’ several times while reading this gem of a book.” —Amazon reviewer

A Rosetta stone for deciphering life” —Amazon reviewer

“Even though she would probably say that this one is not a memoir, it was certainly informed by her life experiences and to this reviewer’s way of thinking it is a memoir in the form of epigrams.” —Dayton Daily News, “Stuff their stockings with some hard-earned wisdom and advice,” 12/2/2018

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